Ensure The Safety Of Your Scaffolding This Winter

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The importance of scaffolding in construction can never be denied. Workers can easily navigate around the building site without worrying about their safety. Even those constructing a tall building can ensure their safety at all times. If you are also willing to reap all the benefits offered by scaffolds, know the various health and safety rules you have to follow when working on a scaffolding structure. Even these requirements change as the season changes.

Health and safety risks increase drastically during the winter months. These risks can be managed with proper care and by approaching the right company offering scaffolding. Not only are they aware of the various risks construction workers using scaffolding in Kent might face during winter but also knows how to avoid those.

Impact Of Bad Weather

The weather conditions often become deplorable during winter because of wind, heavy rain, ice and snow. It becomes a challenge for construction workers to complete their project. They might become ill and incapable of completing their work safely if they have to stay out in the construction site for a long time. Since the focus of every project manager is on ensuring the well-being of the workers, they take care of the position where workers get considerable exposure to the elements.

A majority of the scaffolding accidents occur due to falls, trips and slips. These risks increase when the weather becomes bad, irrespective of the time of the year. During winter the wooden walking planks and ladders become very slippery because of snow, rain and ice falling on them. High wind can also cause a catastrophic accident as workers lose their balance.

3 Ways To Ensure Your Safety When Using Scaffolding During Winter

  • Increase Safety

The easiest way to increase safety is by identifying all the potential issues so that they can be fixed to avoid accidents. As the weather becomes more risky for construction workers, safety checks should also be increased. Scaffolding structure risks assessment should be conducted at regular intervals. The frame should be reinforced to keep them protected against bad weather conditions like rain, wind and snow.

  • Check The Weather

Since some weather conditions are indeed very difficult to manage like high winds, heavy snowfall, severe frost and torrential downpour, construction workers should keep an eye on the weather. The work should be postponed until the weather improves. Check the projected weather forecast and pause work if you can identify harsh weather. You can immediately start working once the weather becomes favourable.

  • Avoid Slipping

The easiest way to minimise the risk of falling is by using harnesses when working at height. The importance of this tool increases drastically during winter as the primary focus of the construction workers is to prevent falls and slips. The possibility of accidents can also be reduced by replacing the wooden planks with slip-resistant boards. Workers should also wear appropriate footwear to avoid the risk of slipping.

These being said, it’s time you follow the tips stated above and ensuring the safety of your scaffold even during winter will become easier.

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