Using Scaffolding Post-Lockdown? 4 Safety Tips For You

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Though the government is allowing construction work to continue after the global outbreak of Covid-19, it is the responsibility of builders to undertake all the necessary steps to keep the workers protected. For example, if you are planning to use scaffolding after the lockdown, you have to follow a few safety tips to ensure everyone’s safety in the new normal.

There should be proper documentation supporting the precautions and restrictions you are following to prevent the spread of Covid-19. The workforce has to follow social distancing rules. They also have to follow a few additional rules and working procedures. The objective is to ensure the safety of everyone on the construction site.

Few Rules You Have To Follow When Using Scaffolding Post-Lockdown

  • Social Distancing

To reduce the transmission of the Coronavirus, minimising social interaction between workers is a must. They should try using their own transport when travelling to the site. If they are using a shared vehicle, they should wear a mask and sanitise their hands frequently. When using scaffolding, workers should be positioned in such a way so that they can work side by side instead of facing each other.

  • Re-Structuring

An easy way you can contain and mitigate the risk of transmission is by re-arranging or re-structuring the layout of traditional scaffolding. The objective is to safeguard workers. Craft a newly designed layout before erecting scaffolding and guide workers around the structure. Re-structuring scaffolding has helped a great deal in preventing working in close proximity.

  • Symptoms

A very important social distancing rule every worker has to follow is to maintain a safe distance from others if they have a high fever or showing others symptoms of COVID-19. He should inform the site manager about it and the latter should make the necessary arrangements so that the worker can return home immediately and safely. Once they return home, they should start following all the national guidelines imposed by the government on self-isolation.

  • Minimise Handling On Materials

Though workers have to handle a wide variety of construction materials when working on a scaffold, they should try to limit the handling of materials so they can reduce the risk of transmission. Using a forklift or crane when loading or unloading materials from a vehicle or the storage yard. When handling materials manually, it is mandatory to maintain all the social distancing rules. They should even avoid gathering around material storage bins or areas.

If you want to have complete peace of mind when using scaffolding post-lockdown, choose a trusted company like JDM Scaffolding. They take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously and keep a close eye on the latest advice issued by the government.

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