Make Your Scaffolding Safer During Winter With 4 Valuable Tips

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Though there are numerous companies scattered all over Bromley offering scaffolding services, make sure that the focus of the one you are approaching is primarily on health and safety. Neglecting scaffolding safety is a strict no-no if you want to prevent workplace hazards. Construction workers can have complete peace of mind if the scaffold has been built with a focus on your safety and adheres to all health and safety regulations.

Even scaffolders should undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated with the latest changes in the safety guidelines and follow good working practices. The person designing, erecting, altering or dismantling the structure should be competent and work under the guidance of an experienced supervisor. Working at heights becomes more challenging during winter and the professionals have to exercise additional attention and care.

Using Scaffolding In Bromley During Winter? 4 Safety Tips For You

  • Install A Provisional Roof

Construction workers are installing temporary roofs to keep construction sites protected from bad weather. They protect under-construction buildings against high winds and the chances of construction workers falling decreases. If the weather deteriorates even further, you can consider additional scaffolding safety measures. It is the easiest way to keep your site and scaffolding in Bromley protected from the rain and snow some areas experience during winter.

  • Conduct Extra Checks

The weather often becomes wet, cold and windy during winter and risks increase. If you want to prevent falls and trips from the temporary structure, conduct additional scaffolding checks. The planks can become slippery after ice, rain or snowfall and so the chances of tripping and falling increases. If the construction site has experienced bad weather, hire a competent person to inspect the scaffold. They will conduct a few safety checks and risk assessments and let you know whether the structure can be made weatherproof.

  • Check Weather Forecast

It is advisable not to use scaffolding in Croydon if extreme winds, torrential downpour or severe morning frost is on the weather forecast. Postpone your construction work until the weather improves. Even if you have to meet deadlines, don’t risk your life and start working. Installing a temporary roof does not necessarily mean that construction workers can assess the site. It is the responsibility of the site’s manager to instruct the workers to pause working if the weather forecast is severe.

  • Undertake Additional Safety Measures

Wearing a harness when working at heights is a must for construction workers even if they have years of industry presence. It ensures their safety by reducing the risk of falling. For example, you can replace the regular planks with anti-slip wooden boards and workers can wear suitable reinforced footwear. Undertaking additional scaffolding safety measures become necessary during winter as the risks of trips and falls increases. Even professionals working on scaffolding in Gravesend have to stay aware of the extra safety measures.

Since you can now make your scaffolding safer during winter with the valuable tips stated above, it’s time you start following those.

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