Make Scaffolds And Scaffolding Work Safer With Few Easy Tips

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For someone not aware of the term yet, a scaffold is basically a temporary structure erected at construction sites. It acts as a working platform and support access. Workers get a stable and safe place to work which ensures their safety.  A few scaffolding accidents have been reported recently. Insufficient or lack of on-job training is considered to be a vital reason behind scaffolding injuries.

The chances of fatal injuries increase drastically if the structure is improperly supported. The easiest way you can ensure the safety of construction workers is by approaching an experienced company offering scaffolding in Croydon. They have trained professionals who will help you identify the potential hazards and share a few tips to prevent those.

Want To Make Scaffolds And Scaffolding Work Safer? 4 Easy Steps To Follow

  • Find The Cause

Observe the construction site and it will become easier for you to identify the areas prone to potential hazards. The place where the scaffold has been erected should not interact with pedestrians, vehicles and other fixed structures. Check the ground conditions and the environment where the structure will be used. All the vital functional requirements of the structure should be identified. This includes the maximum load capacity and access requirements. The structure should be inspected both before and after use.

  • Assess The Risk

Carrying out a risk assessment becomes necessary if the risks and the related control measures are not known. The primary objective of the risk assessment is to identify the chances of people getting injured or harmed due to scaffolding hazards. How serious the hazard can be is also assessed. Not only are the hazards identified but the various actions which can be undertaken to control the risk and minimise its impact are also determined.

  • Take Necessary Action

A business should undertake all the possible steps to minimise or eliminate the risks according to the work health and safety laws. They should take actions which are reasonably practicable. How the risks will be controlled is dependent on their level of reliability and protection. The ranking is considered to be the hierarchy of risk control. Necessary actions should be undertaken to manage risks through this hierarchy. Only a trained professional installing scaffold in Croydon can assess whether the hazards can be completely removed to make the construction site safer.

  • Check The Control Measures

Just informing the construction workers about the control measures are not sufficient. It is the responsibility of the company erecting the scaffolding to check whether all the control measures undertaken are working as planned. The measures should be reviewed at fixed intervals to ensure they are effective and whether any changes will be necessary. Checking the control measures also make it easier for the supervisor to know the duration and nature of work undertaken.

These being said, it’s time you follow the easy steps stated above and get the structure installed by a competent person if you want to make scaffolds and scaffolding work safer.

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