Know Why Handrails And Toe Boards Are Important In Scaffolding

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Since the primary objective of erecting a scaffold is to ensure the safety of workers and construction site, it’s time you know why handrails and toe boards are so important. A scaffold is not just a staging frame erected by professionals but a structure which has been specially designed to support a load which makes it reliable.

Still, scaffolding accidents are quite common all over the UK and generally happens due to the negligence of people using or erecting it. A fall can occur even if the scaffold is strong and robust. Few common causes are undiagnosed inner ear issue or momentary loss of concentration. The best you can do to prevent it is by installing a fall protection system.

Understand Your Physical Limitations

Not everyone working at height is aware of the fact that falling from a height of even one metre can cause permanent damage to your body. When you fall from a height, there are high chances that you might hit your head first or the ground might strike your spinal cord and cause a grave injury. Even a person working on the ground can get hit by a heavy tool or brick falling from a height. Though the hard safety helmet will save you from a head injury, you can’t prevent a bone-cracking wound.

Install Hand Rails The Right Way

Hand rails are an integral part of a fall protection system. It is the responsibility of everyone installing a scaffolding work platform to ensure there are hand rails. The primary objective of the railing is to ensure the safety of the worker and prevent them from falling. The balance stabilisation aid is required at every construction site, irrespective of the size of your scaffold. The primary difference between hand rails and the ones installed on a home balcony is that the former is a temporary support. It surrounds the work platform and prevents building materials and workers from tumbling over the edge.

Importance Of Toe Guards

Just like hand rails, toe guards are also a vital part of every scaffolding system. They protect a construction worker from lower body imbalance issue. If their foot slides forward accidentally, the toe guard will prevent it from passing over the platform edge. It is not just about workers, it also prevents building materials and tools from falling off the platform.

Since you now know why hand rails and toe guards are so important, it’s time you start looking for a reputed company offering scaffolding services with a focus on safety.

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