Difference between Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding

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All of us are familiar with seeing scaffolds surrounding various commercial buildings all around the big cities. These structures help the construction workers perform their daily tasks of building and maintenance smoothly and safely.

However, you might not think of using modern scaffolding around domestic properties. But, the fact is they are used in residential buildings more frequently than we think.

What are the Differences?

Is there any difference between domestic and commercial scaffolding? How can you notice these differences?

Whenever you need to rent scaffolds for your house, flat building, or other types of residential properties, you need domestic scaffolding. On the other hand, its commercial counterpart is reserved only for commercial properties. Whether it is a corporate building, or large super facility hospital, or a skyscraper – you can see the use of commercial scaffolds for building and maintenance services.

Structure and Shape

One basic difference is that commercial scaffolding needs a more well-balanced and sophisticated structure so that the commercial workers can reach a certain height. Since commercial buildings are taller than residential ones, the scaffolds used in these buildings must be taller and stronger.


You should notice that the scaffolds used in commercial buildings have more safety tools than the ones used for residential projects. Since the workers have to work in a lofty and risky positions, the structure needs to provide them with adequate support and safety.


Usually, commercial scaffolds are used by teams that include site managers, civil engineers, construction workers, and maintenance teams. In the case of domestic scaffolds, the structure is used primarily by the workers. In some specific situations, the project managers may also need to use the structure to supervise the job.

No matter whether you need a scaffolding structure for your residential project or the commercial ones, you must hire it from a reputed and experienced company.

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