Why Scaffold Safety Training Is So Important

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Though there are numerous companies offering scaffolds all over Kent, make sure you choose someone with experience, as they know the importance of scaffold safety training. Construction workers perform various tasks on scaffolds every day. If you want to ensure their safety and help them save time, make sure the people using it are properly trained. The importance of scaffold safety can never be neglected as everyone using it is being exposed to hazards and possible dangers. There are numerous factors workers should consider when erecting or disassembling scaffolding in Kent.

Prevent The Hazards Stated Below With Scaffold Safety Guidelines

  • Falls

Falling from a scaffold when erecting it or working on it can cause injury or even death. The easiest way to prevent it is by installing high-quality guardrails. If the construction worker is working at a height of 10 feet or more, using a personal fall arrest system is a must. It is not just one of the OSHO standards you should follow but understand the importance of properly installed guardrails. Both the contractors and builders should apply rigorous scaffold safety rules.

  • Scaffold Collapse

It is a very common issue you have to face if you fail to choose the right company offering scaffolding in and around Kent. The structure generally collapses if it was not constructed properly using high-quality materials. You should also ensure that the person erecting the scaffold is a competent experienced person. He should possess the necessary knowledge and training required to build, move or dismantle a scaffold. It is also his responsibility to identify the predictable or existing hazards in its surroundings or working conditions and take corrective measures to eliminate those.

Why Is Proper Access To Scaffold Platforms Important?

Every reputable company providing scaffolding in Kent is aware of the fact that the lack of proper access to scaffold platforms is one of the common reasons that can cause falls and injuries. If the vertical change between the upper or lower level of elevation is more than 24 inches, workers should use a stair tower, secured ladder or ramp to gain access to the scaffold platforms. Whether they are making a vertical or horizontal movement, make sure they never climb on cross braces. It is mandatory for the company installing the scaffold to choose the right means of access before erecting the structure.

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