Know The Vital Points In Scaffolding Before Erecting One

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Scaffolds are an integral part of every construction site, irrespective of the size of your building project. The temporary structure is used to support the concrete formwork, hold concrete and support workmen during construction. You can choose from numerous companies offering scaffolding services for both domestic and commercial projects. Since the primary objective of using a scaffold is to make construction sites safer, there are a few rules you should follow during scaffolding work. There are even a few standards prescribed for its layout and use.

Few Vital Points In Scaffolding

  • The distance between the uprights (standards) should not be more than 3 feet if you are using it for some light work like painting and 6 ft if you are using it for heavy masonry work.

  • If you have installed single scaffolding, the putlogs should bear well on the wall opening. Avoid using short members nailed on the wall as putlogs.

  • The platform on which the workers are standing should be wide enough. Its width should be more than 425 mm and its height should be more than 1.8 meters.

  • If you are planning to put construction materials on the platform, ensure that its width is more than 34 inches.

  • Each board should be 8 inches wide and 2 inches thick if the putlog spacing is 1.5 m or more. If the putlog spacing is less than1.5 m, the thickness of the platform should be 38mm.

  • Never use defective or broken planks when erecting a scaffolding system. The grains in the wood used should be less than 10 degrees with the length of the plank if you don’t want a sudden failure of the plank. Overhanging of the planks is a strict no-no!

  • Support and join all the scaffolding parts properly if you don’t want the system to fall away from the wall.

  • Not only should you ensure that a competent person is installing the scaffold but also prevent workmen from working below the scaffolding.

  • Never allow lorries to come near the scaffolding if you want to prevent accidents,

  • Always choose a reputed company for domestic scaffolding service as they follow all the safety regulations.

  • Provide safe ladders so that people working on the scaffolding can climb on to the structure easily.

These being said, you are now aware of all the vital points in scaffolding.

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