Scaffolding In London

Scaffolding In London

Need scaffolding in London that can make your construction site safer? Look no further than JDM Scaffolding. Our focus is always on providing our customers and clients in and around London with the best scaffolding services possible. If you have prepared an architectural drawing, please get in touch with our team and they will offer dedicated structural design services according to your specifications. Our team also conducts risk assessments as a part of our standard scaffolding services so you can have complete peace of mind. Our company safety record is a reflection of our professionalism.

Your Destination For Scaffolding Needs

We cover everything from small access towers on wheels for decorators and painters to temporary roofing, truss-outs, and hangers for large-scale commercial projects. We have a track record of erecting hundreds of scaffolding structures in residential properties, office blocks, business premises and building sites. We are a trusted choice for renovation and refurbishment work. We can work simultaneously for numerous building companies for both small and large scale projects. Every scaffold is perfectly designed and constructed so that you can work with complete peace of mind.

scaffolding construction in south east london

Steps Involved In Scaffolding Construction

Careful Planning

We specialist in designing access structures or towers according to your client’s specifications. Careful planning is an integral part of the construction process. Our team tries their best to complete the project within the specified timeframe. The few things we outline in the design work are fittings, fixtures and safety features. It is necessary to use the correct equipment when constructing a tower. Clients don’t have to visit our yard frequently for more materials.

Prepare The Working Area

The foundation is an integral part of every construction project. You have to consider numerous factors so that you can work with complete peace of mind. If the ground over which you are erecting the scaffold is unstable or uneven, it can lead to deadly consequences. A competent person from our team will construct the tower on a level surface which ensures stability and support. A piece of land with soil is more compact and firm.

Safety Measures

Since the primary objective of erecting a scaffold is to ensure the safety of everyone at the construction site, we undertake all the safety measures. Our scaffolding contractors undergo training at fixed intervals to keep themselves updated using the latest safety equipment. You can trust us as we never cut corners. We ensure that every site has a safe and sound scaffolding system with safety features like handrails, access gates, toe boards and ladders. The objective is to prevent accidents and minimise falling risks.

Use Boards

Boarding is an integral component of all our scaffolding structures. We always use high-quality boards as it increases the safety of the tower and makes construction work easy. All the construction workers will get a safe working platform and adequate space to accommodate all the necessary construction materials and tools. We even check that the boards are tightly fitted to minimise gaps and reduce the chance of tools falling over workers.

Continuous Inspection

A competent person in our team thoroughly inspects the structure after we have completed constructing the scaffold. We also maintain a daily inspection log where we record all the issues if the system has undergone erosion or deterioration. A few of the potential issues we consider when inspecting the structure are supports, damaged braces, braces, pins and broken clips. We even view the log and make the necessary repairs after the initial inspection.

Contact the JDM Scaffolding team on 01322 351252 or 01689 828502. We cover London, Kent and all locations in the Southern Home Counties.

Why Choose Us For Scaffolding In London?

  • One of the renowned companies offering scaffolding in and around London.
  • Ensure that scaffolders and the general public have safe access around properties with scaffolding.
  • Undertake safety inspections after erecting scaffolding to ensure your safety.
  • Our scaffolding erectors are available 24/7, so you can contact them for emergency work.
  • Try to establish and maintain a long-term relationship with all our clients.
  • Provide additional safety inspections after periods of adverse weather.

“Contact Us To Erect Modern Scaffolding In London.”

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