Which Type of Scaffolding Is Right for Your Project?

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Erecting a scaffold is one of the first steps in most construction businesses. Not only does it serve the purpose of safety, but it also provides ease of access to the workers. If you have looked at scaffolding in Croydon, you must have noticed that not all look the same. That is because there are different types of scaffoldings. At the core, all of those are built with three things mostly: scaffolding tubes, couplers and scaffold boards. But these vary according to how they are made structurally. To know which type is right for you, you should recognise your needs first. After that, you can refer to the list below to find out the one suitable for you:

  • Let’s start with one of the most popular scaffolds: the independent scaffolding. The scaffolding structure is created from the floor and is supported by the building and used for multi-storied construction. The platforms have two rows of standards, which are joined by ledgers that are parallel to the building.
  • Temporary roof scaffolding is also commonly seen in construction. Weather is unpredictable and can cause quite an obstacle during the construction process. Temporary roof scaffolds, when sheeted, offer the comfort of a roof when there isn’t one to not only shield from the outer elements but also to ease the load on construction.
  • One of the commonly used scaffolds during one level projects has to be the birdcage scaffold. Just like the name suggests, it covers an entire area, encompassing it like a cage. The structure is of more than two standards, going in both directions. This is popular in times when the ceiling has to be worked upon. The form stands on its own and doesn’t require support from the building.
  • You can include elements like nets, bridges, gantry or beams if the project calls for it. Beamed scaffolds are very helpful if the project has hard to reach areas or awkward angles. Bridges are usually made to create a safe space below for people to pass by. When the project is in a busy place, they come convenient to the workers as well as the neighbourhood.

Choosing a reliable company is the key to getting satisfactory results. You can count on JDM Scaffolding for the best scaffolding in Croydon. They will listen to your needs, understand your project and suggest a scaffold that will work best for you at competitive prices.

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