Tips to Choose the Right Scaffold for Your Specific Requirement

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Scaffolding structures is one of the must-haves for any construction projects. They are mainly meant for facilitating the workers as they are working at great heights. Scaffolds are used in construction and repair works and also during maintenance jobs. They are available in different forms, and types band are used by their ability to offer safety to the workers to reach out certain troublesome areas.  They ensure both safety and productivity at the same time.

The construction sites witness the most numbers of injuries and accidents arising from falling from heights. Hence, it is imperative to undertake a comprehensive risk assessment to detect the hazards and making determined efforts in minimising them. The materials used in making the scaffolds and their designs vary to a great extent. They are mainly produced as per the specific requirement they are meant for.  If the project is complex, then the scaffold structure often comes custom-made. There are two main variations of scaffolds used by commercial, residential, and industrial projects, all alike. They are stairs and ladder scaffolds. Here is an attempt to understand the effectiveness of each type. They have a specific set of utilities and drawbacks. These insights will help you to have a concrete decision about the best choice among the various Gravesend scaffolding options.

Ladder and Stair Scaffolds: Which is more effective?

Stair Scaffolds

  • They are stable and sturdy options for high usage applications. Their external framework is robust and bears several stairs to take the load of multiple workers. At the same time, the balance is also maintained in them.
  • The stair scaffolds need to be assembled and disassembled, and hence they are not as portable as ladder scaffolds. They are better choices for more substantial projects in comparison to the smaller ones.
  • They bear a durable framework and ensure safer and faster access to different platforms.

Ladder Scaffolds

  • Ladder scaffolds do not possess the same stability as stair scaffolds and hence are better selections for working in the lower platforms. If you are working on a platform that is anchored and free-standing and have rare chances of toppling, then these scaffolds will work best for you.
  • Ladder scaffolds are highly portable and can be folded to be stored when not in use. They need limited space to be stored and require fewer components in their making.
  • The ladder scaffolds are made of high-quality steel but are not so durable like stair scaffolds and are not made to take heavy loads.

As it is already mentioned that both the ladder and stair scaffolds have distinct sets of advantages and disadvantages, so getting the most useful option is always based on the purpose of use. So, it is a challenging task to make a perfect choice. In that case, the most suitable option would be seeking the support of a scaffolding specialist like Gravesend Scaffolding, and there won’t be any hassle any more.

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