Time To Make Scaffolding In Kent Safer During Summer And Spring

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With summer fast approaching, the focus of every construction worker has shifted to making the scaffolds in construction sites safer. Negligence to take proper care of the equipment can make the site prone to health and safety hazards. Though you don’t have to worry about weathering of scaffolding, lower visibility or slippery surfaces, there are a few risks associated with summer and spring.

Erecting Scaffolding In Kent? 4 Hazards To Be Wary Of During Summer

  • Poor Quality Of Air

One of the main reasons why the quality of air deteriorates during summer is because of the numerous reactions which take place between heat, sunlight and pollutants. If the construction site is located somewhere with high pollen levels, it is mandatory for construction workers to wear proper eye and face protection. They can work on scaffolds for a longer duration with complete peace of mind. The impact of poor air quality can be grave on asthma sufferers.

  • Heatstroke And Sunburn

With days becoming longer and warmer, there are higher chances for construction workers of getting exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. If the UV levels are higher, the risk of sunburn increases which can further lead to skin cancer. It is not only about sunburn, mild heat exhaustion when left untreated can lead to serious issues like heatstroke. Make sure workers using scaffolds are not exposed to high temperature, humidity or made to perform strenuous work.

  • Extreme Weather

If you think that summer is only about sun exposure, dry air and heat, you need to think again. Sometimes, the weather becomes extreme with torrential rain and thunderstorms. Construction workers using scaffolding in Kent should be extra cautious when working during extreme weather. There should be a separate shelter area at every construction site where workers can take shelter if the weather becomes extreme suddenly.

  • Toxic Plants

There are a few dangerous plants like poison ivy which generally grow during spring. They are dangerous for those suffering from allergies. It is important for construction workers to prevent any physical contact with the plant. These plants can pose dangers which you are not even aware of. Even the smoke released when poison ivy is burned is equally dangerous and should be avoided.

Since you are now aware of the common hazards, take all the necessary precautions to make scaffolding safer during summer and spring.

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