The Do’s and Don’ts of Scaffolding Safety in Construction

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Scaffolding can be a viable option if one is well aware of the security concerns. Though it only is a temporary platform, it is essential to know the safety issues involving it since workers’ health and safety depend on their stability. A slight sense of unawareness can also cause significant accidents.

Few of common injuries which can cause from such accidents include broken bones, cuts, damage in the brain. It can even cost lives in case of significant mishaps. So, one should strictly follow the dos and don’ts of scaffolding in Croydon.

Do’s of Scaffolding Safety

  • It is crucial to train the workers before they engage in scaffolding.
  • Make sure to install the guard rails and personal fall protection to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure everyone wears their worker’s helmet before working on scaffolding. This can help one to protect their head if there is an unexpected accident.
  • Please do ensure there are co-workers near (above, below, besides) while in the process, in case of emergencies occur.
  • In case there is a change in scaffolding or fall protection, make sure to take the initiative to retrain the workers.

Don’ts of Scaffolding Safety

  • One of the common mistakes is keeping tools on the scaffolding. But strictly avoid doing so. Make sure not to leave anything on the scaffold as tools or materials can fall off and hurt other people below.
  • It is important to remember that one should never overload the scaffolding. Make sure you are aware of the maximum load you are working with.
  • While using the scaffold, make sure to check the quality all the times. Avoid using scaffolding which is damaged or tempered.

Make sure to consult a professional to repair the scaffold. As a result of the change of weather, scaffolding might get covered with ice, snow, mud or excess water. Do remember to remove all forms of obstructions before utilizing the scaffold.

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