Save Your Scaffold From These Common Hazards

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Though the primary objective of erecting a scaffolding system at a construction site is to ensure the safety of the workers and subcontractors, there are a few common hazards the structure might be exposed to. The best you can do to avoid those is by getting in touch with a reputed company offering scaffolding services. Not only do they provide properly maintained scaffolds on hire but their scaffolders also know how to avoid the common hazards associated with the structure. Choosing the right equipment is also necessary if you want to prevent scaffold related hazards.

3 Common Hazards To Avoid When Using Scaffolding Service

  • Falls

Three common reasons for fall are faulty installation of guardrails, absence of guardrails or negligence to use the personal fall arrest system. It is mandatory to use fall protection when working at a height of 10 inches or more. You can prevent your construction workers from falling by ensuring that they have easy access to the scaffold work platform. They can either use a stair tower or a secured ladder to gain access to the working platform. Construction workers should never climb on cross braces for horizontal or vertical movement.

  • Scaffold Collapse

You can prevent a scaffold from collapsing by hiring a competent person to erect it. Assembling and dismantling the scaffolding system is more complicated than you think. Few common things you have to consider before erecting a scaffold are the weight of the structure, the amount of weight the structure can endure and the number of workers using it simultaneously. The focus of every experienced company offering scaffolding service is on maintaining their reputation and try their level best to prevent the structure from collapsing.

  • Struck By Falling Materials

Not everyone plans to erect a scaffold at their construction site is aware of the fact that even pedestrians can become exposed to scaffold related hazards. You will be surprised to know that hundreds of people get injured every year after being struck by materials falling from the scaffold platform. You can prevent it by installing toe boards or by netting the working platforms. You can also install barricades if you want to prevent pedestrians or other construction workers from walking under the scaffold. Use caution or danger tape to inform people about overhead hazards.

Since you are now aware of the common scaffold related hazards, please take the necessary precautions to avoid them.

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