Planning To Hire A Domestic Or Commercial Scaffolding? Know The Differences

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Scaffolding has become an integral part of almost every construction project as they ensure the safety of the workers. There are still hundreds of scaffolds surrounding commercial buildings all over the country. Not only do you need them when constructing a new building but also when performing simple tasks on the exterior of a building. Few common reasons to hire scaffolding for commercial buildings are roofing repairs, utility repairs/installations, painting, window washing and siding repairs. Though there are numerous benefits of erecting scaffolds on the exterior of residential buildings as well, they are not quite common.

Domestic And Commercial Buildings

The primary difference between domestic and commercial buildings is that the latter is used only for business activities. Generally, they are taller than residential buildings so ensuring your safety when working on the exterior of a commercial building is a must. Commercial scaffolds are more sophisticated, so workers can have easy access to great heights. Their priority is always on safety. You need more protection when working on tall scaffolds if you want to prevent severe injury or death.

Domestic Scaffolding v/s Commercial Scaffolding

You have to look for a company offering domestic scaffolding if you want to erect it on the exterior of a house, flat or other residential properties. A majority of the companies offer domestic scaffold hire at fair prices. On the other hand, commercial scaffolding systems are specially designed for commercial buildings. Let the company offering commercial scaffold hire know your requirements and they will provide the right type of scaffold.

Why Is The Demand For Domestic Scaffold Always High?

Though you need more protection when working on tall commercial buildings, the demand for domestic scaffolds is also quite high. Hiring one is necessary even when working on a two-storey building. Look for a reputable company offering domestic scaffolding on rent at affordable prices. Serious injuries can happen even when you are performing minor maintenance tasks on the exterior of a two or three-storey house.

Why Hire Scaffolding For Building Repair Work?

There are a few types of building repair work which requires more stability like painting and siding repair. You can achieve the required stability with robust scaffolding. You can work faster as you don’t have to worry about losing your balance while working. You can even increase the efficiency of your maintenance work if you choose the right scaffolding company.

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